Tocka Rig

The Tocka Rig is one of the easiest rigs to build up with the help of Freestyle Tockas. The rig allows you to fish rigs at a precise 10cm above the ground. Pre-rigged lures on offset hooks can be simply clipped onto the snap above the Tocka. The Tocka rig can be fished with a rattle or without on the same rig. Ultimately, the Tocka rig is very versatile due to the fact the lures can be quickly changed and fished over rough as well as clean ground.


How to rig the Tocka

Step 1.

100x100 RIG GUIDE - TOCKA 01

To make a Tocka Rig you need a Freestyle Tocka in the weight of your choice, a fluorocarbon snap, a soft lure, Gamakatsu 330 hook and a lure loop.

Step 2.

100x100 RIG GUIDE - TOCKA 02

By using lure loops with your lures, you can leave them rigged on the hooks. Firstly add the Tocka to the snap, then the lure of choice.

Step 3.

100x100 RIG GUIDE - TOCKA 03

Always ensure your Fluorocarbon Snap is closed! The snap can be connected to Reload Fluorocarbon or a Titan Leader to a length of choice, we recommend around 70cm.

Step 4.

100x100 RIG GUIDE - TOCKA 04

Tockas are made with two brass bullets on a stiff fluorocarbon. When the stopped is up like this, the bullets will rattle together every time the rig hits the bottom.

Step 5.

100x100 RIG GUIDE - TOCKA 05

When closed, the Tocka is silent. The overall shape of the bullets on the Tocka make it snag friendly. Each weight is well labelled so you always know the total weight of the Tocka.

What you need to build the Tocka Rig.

100x100 WHAT YOU NEED - WORM 330

Gamakatsu Worm 330


Fluorocarbon Snaps


Lure Loops