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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

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The Urban Prey Curl

By June 10, 2020Lures

The Urban Prey Curl’s advantages used on various rigs / methods

I would like to introduce an all-rounder while noting all the advantages specific rigs possess while fishing the Uban Prey Curl.

I spend a lot of time fishing in Dutch cities and have been able to gain a lot of experience over the years. Street fishing means being flexible, it is not just about the perfect rod and reel, but rather what is attached to the line in the water. I came across the Urban Prey Curl while searching for a soft bait that can perform.

There are lures that I prefer to use when zander fishing and there are lures that I prefer to use when targeting perch. If I want to target both zander and perch with one lure, I go for the Curl. It’s available in two sizes (55mm and 65mm) with a total of eight different colours.


Due to its shape, it resembles both a narrow fish and a worm and the perch love it. Simply attach it to the right jig hook (for example the MICRO JIGS GLOW & NATURAL) and off you go.

(Perfectly installed, the hook sits in the first 1/3. Aggressive jigging attracts the perch, especially in summer)

Dropshot rig

The Urban Prey Curl is very effective when used on the dropshot system. With simple “nose hooking” (for example on the DSG Hook) and light twitching on a rod with a soft tip.

(If I suspect that the Perch are at a specific spot, I let the Curl dance a little longer)

Carolina rig

The Carolina rig in combination with the Curl often brings more desirable perch to the line. After the bullet’s basic contact, the bait slowly drifts to the bottom and imitates a worm sinking to the ground. Ideally, I use the Tungsten Bullet Sinkers for this. The bullets are made of brass (yes, brass, because our Bullet Sinkers are not made of lead for the environmental reasons), the Tungsten Bullet is even smaller. Also, the collision of the tungsten bullet on the glass bead is louder than the brass bullet and thus excites predatory fish even more!

(often quick but short jigs have proven themselves)

With the jig hook targeting Zander

When fishing for zander you can also use the different methods described above. When specifically fishing for zander I noticed that they bite more often when using the Curl on a light jig hook (The advantage of the Tungsten Micro Jigs) a slow sinking phase is offered.

(The ideal sink phase is approximately 2-3 seconds. Zander bites occur 95% during the sink phase)

A little tip at the end!

Like me, if you like to catch predators at spots where snags are common, you should take a look at the Brass Jika Jig and the Tungsten Bottom Jig using the offset hook (this will be followed shortly with a blog entry), because these two rigs significantly minimize snagging rates.

In summary, the Urban Prey Curl is an attractive soft bait for street fishing while targeting perch and zander. Its versatility on various rigs makes it a great allrounder. The various colours available enables you to be well prepared for any weather condition or water visibility.

Let’s rock let’s tock
Markus Heil