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                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 
                Trout Master                SPRO                Gamakatsu                Strategy                Freestyle                Cresta 

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Which landing net is right for you?

By February 14, 2020Nets

Which Landing Net?


At Freestyle, we invest a large amount of our development time into landing nets. We believe we have the most comprehensive range of nets on the market. While designing our range we focus on 3 points.

  1. Nowhere is out of reach
  2. Easy to use in the heat of the moment
  3. Carrying the net with comfort for a long period of time.

The Line-Up

Our complete range of nets cover many different needs and are designed for specific situations.

Flick Net

Flip Net System

Drop Net Xtra!

Net Stick 300

The Story Behind Each Net



Available in both a fixed and telescopic version, the flick net functions exactly as the name suggests. Simply flick the net up and the net is locked in place. The strong nylon pin holds the net in a secure position on the aluminium block.

The net can be used with one hand. This is particularly handy when playing a fish with only one hand free. Simply flick the head up, tread on the net head and extend the handle!

The net handle features a robust clip that can be fixed on any Freestyle bag. Freestyle bags feature webbing strips in useful positions to fix accessories such as nets.

With lengths of up to 2m this net is designed for low banks which are commonly found on canals and rivers.


The Flip Net is Freestyles premium net system which is made up of two parts. There are two variations of both head and handle sizes which are each compatible with one another.

The Flip Net has several highlight features. The net handles are very long yet very compact. Each handle is made from a tough composite material, which is essential for handles of this length. Each handle is fitted with a metal belt clip which can be used to attach to the side of a Freestyle bag or belt.

The head is particularly unique. When unscrewed from the handle it can be tilted 360 degrees which makes it possible to fix the head at a 45-degree angle. This makes landing a fish from a vertical wall simple.

With lengths of up to 4m this net is perfect for fishing from medium to high banks.


The problem solver! The Drop Net Xtra is the most compact drop net on the market. Its unique folding frame can be packed away in a water-resistant bag half its diameter. The net is also very lightweight, making it the ideal net to take on long sessions.

The Drop Net Xtra comes complete with a 10m cord, which can be extended with extra rope. This makes the net one of the most versatile nets on the market, with the Freestyle Dropnet Xtra nowhere is out of reach.

Extra weights can be added in the pocket located at the bottom of the net. Due to the lightweight properties of the net, it is recommended to add weight while using it in windy conditions.


The original Freestyle net. The Net Stick comes complete with a medium-sized net head and 3m telescopic handle. The net features a shoulder strap for transportation and is made from pure carbon making the net lightweight, even when it’s fully extended.

As with all Freestyle nets the Net Stick is made with our 12mm coated polyester mesh. This mesh is hook resistant and dries very quickly. An important aspect when active lure fishing.

The head frame is curved up at the front to aid landing a fish. It’s available in 2 colours, black and blue.


Before putting a lure in the water it is important to always have the correct tools. There is nothing worse than seeing anglers hook a fish in the most inconvenient spots which not only puts the fish in danger but also themselves as they climb obstacles to try and reach the ideal landing spot.

At Freestyle, we are continually working on developing products to make your session more convenient and comfortable. Which net do you think suits your fishing best? If you have any questions get in touch with us on our social pages here.